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Best Way To Install a Hot Tub?


You know you want a Hot Tub, but not quite sure the best way to have it installed?


Through our years of experience installing and fitting Hot Tubs for our clients, we have a wide variety of ways to install your Hot Tub.

Use this to help figure out what method is best for you!


Stand Alone Installations

This is by far the easiest way to install your Hot Tub, and the most common too. There is no digging, contractors or special equipment needed, also making it the cheapest option when choosing how to install your Hot Tub. It also makes it very easy to maintain + service as you have access to all 4 side panels with ease of entry. It’s very simple, but can transform the look of your garden dramatically! After the Hot Tub has been placed, you’re all set ready to fill it.



In-Ground Installations

hot tub sunk into groundAn in-ground installation is one of the hardest ways to install a Hot Tub, however, it more than makes up for it with the incredible functionality and aesthetics. Look at pictures on our website or Instagram of in-ground installations and determine whether the extra time and effort will be worth it (I feel it will be!). You have do do some planning in advance to make sure the Hot Tub is accessible on all 4 sides for servicing and maintenance reasons. Also consider the possibility of ground water seepage as your Hot Tub will be the lowest point in your garden; it’s crucial that the pit can withstand the water flow. In-ground installations are very popular for installations within the home as they only take up floor space while looking quite amazing.





Half & Half Installations

A half & half installation is comparable to the in-ground installation with regards to the planning and setting up where the Hot Tub will go in advance. The same precautions need to be made with it being accessible on all 4 sides and that the pit is able to withstand water flow. This installation is one of the easiest ways to use your Hot Tub and maintain it – the raised lip round each side acts as a seat for others to use and makes it increasingly easy to get in and out of the Hot Tub. No additional steps are needed, you can simply swing your legs over the top or step from one level surface to another.






hot tub and building enclosure

Building/Enclosure Installations

A building or enclosure installation may be the perfect answer if you or your family are not fond of cold weather. It can act as a shelter for you, not only keeping out the rain with a louvred roof but also blocking the wind with bespoke glass panels or beautiful wood structures. This will allow you to use your Hot Tub in ALL weather conditions, 365 days a year.