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Can a pergola add value to my home?

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Are you looking to add a pergola to your property? You might be surprised to hear that adding a pergola to your home can add real value to the property. Although the garden pergola is an unassuming, simple outdoor structure, it does add a certain elegance to any garden space and offers a versatile approach to suit a multitude of garden décor ideas. Whatever your aesthetic and desires for your back garden or yard, and even where space might be at a premium, adding a pergola to your garden brings extra beauty, greater functionality, and a place to sit and unwind, whether you are alone for a few hours just resting and relaxing, or if you are planning on entertaining friends.


There is an argument to be made that a garden pergola could be one of the best investments you make in an attempt to add genuine value to a property, with some estimates putting the return on investment at between 50% and 80%, in some cases. Whether you are looking to improve the monetary value of your property with a view to selling it in the future or to refinance, or maybe you just want to add personal value to the quality of life you experience in your home, adding a garden pergola is a fantastic way to achieve your aims.


How does a pergola add value to your home?


There are a few good reasons why you should consider adding a pergola to your London home. For any home, with a back yard or garden, there is the chance to add real value with a garden pergola, but this is especially the case in London where space is at a premium compared to other locations in the UK, and it can be harder to extract that extra value from a property. A garden pergola offers an exquisite addition to any garden or backyard space and offers a range of benefits that could sway you towards pergola installation:

Create that extra space

It can be difficult sometimes to carve out those additional areas of living space. If you live with your family, the children take over plenty of living space, you’ve got your kitchen and dining areas, and if the back garden is a mess, it never looks that appealing or inviting. Make a significant change by adding a pergola and creating a whole new living space to relax or entertain where there might have been nothing previously. A ‘dead space’ in your back garden or yard suddenly becomes an inviting place to sit and laugh with your mates, or to sit with a drink and a book to relax, long into the summer evenings or even all year round.

Make that a defined space

Creating a clearly defined area of the back garden or yard that you utilise for a specific purpose gives the entire garden design and aesthetic a clear purpose of design. As a centrepiece, the garden pergola can suddenly become a focal point, a clear area for relaxation or entertainment that fits perfectly well within a wider coherent plan for your garden space.

Use your garden year round

Asides from the simple pergola structure, there are different variations that you can to it, making it customisable and useable the entire year, not just when the summer sun is out. You can add heaters, lights, drapes, or covers for that extra layer of protection from the elements. Even if you just choose to add climbing plants, once they have grown and intertwined this provides a natural canopy, shade and protection that can be taken advantage of throughout the year.

Improve your garden aesthetics

A pergola can be used as part of your overall garden aesthetic, creating a beautiful garden space that really speaks to the décor you want to create. Your back garden can become an extension of your personality. So, if you like entertaining your friends on a regular basis, your pergola can become the central part of that. If you want to sit quietly and relax with a book during the summertime, you can create a pergola area that gives you that calm, tranquil, relaxing space to sit down in. For those with green fingers, a pergola provides the perfect climbing structure for climbing plants and to place flowers and plants around the base. Quite soon, your pergola can become a natural, beautiful centrepiece of green, natural, flowing beauty.


Making sure you make the most of your pergola


To ensure you are adding real value to your property through the addition of a pergola, the key is to think about the suppliers of pergola, the materials used, installation and durability as well as creating a cohesive garden aesthetic that the pergola is a part of. You need to have trust in the pergola supplier, using the highest quality of materials so that the structure lasts for years to come. A pergola made from poor materials might not stand up in the wind in the worst-case scenarios, and that will certainly detract from the value of your home.


Whether you are searching for a pergola for a London home, or for anywhere else in the country, you can see that a pergola adds real value to any property. They add a beautiful, versatile structure, that you can add climbing flowers and plants to provide another layer of beauty and greenery, whilst providing protection from the sun, extra shade and a place for you to sit privately to relax or to entertain friends and family. A pergola will dramatically shift the perspective when it comes to how you use your garden, creating a clearly defined space that brings you outdoor access all year round and makes a real statement about your garden aesthetic and about the property as a whole. This adds value in living quality and to the monetary value of the property should you wish to sell in the future.