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How to reduce swim spa running costs

Sunken Hydropool Swim Spa in a garden project

Energy efficiency is at the forefront of everything nowadays so we thought we would share some useful tips on reducing cost. London Essex Outdoor Living are the official retailer of Hydropool hot tubs & swim spas. Hydropool produce some of the most energy efficient hot tubs and swim spas on the market which are design and tested to resist some of the harshest winters in Canada.

1. Ensure Your Cover is in Good Condition and Fits Well.
Hot Tub Cover

Your swim spa cover is one of the most important parts of the product that plays a key role in heat retention. By having the right cover, you are preventing or reducing heat lost though the most likely area that heat can escape. A good swim spa cover will not be waterlogged (heavy due to water ingress). If your cover has cracks or broken stiches, is heavy of fits poorly you should consider replacing it. See our range of covers and accessories or contact us on support@londonessexoutdoorliving.co.uk or via phone 020 3150 1503.

2. Air Source Heat Pump

A heat pump essentially uses the ambient temperature to heat the water. The outdoor air is pulled in and compressed within the compressor and the heat generated is transferred to the pool water via a heat exchanger. All excess cold air is blown out via the discharge fan, to put the efficiency into context with your electric heaters there will be 2 x 3kw heaters totalling 6kw. So, when heat is required both switch on and every KW you put in/pay for it relates to 1kw in power for the heaters.

With a heat pump the difference will be that every KW you put in/pay for you get 6-7kw in terms of power to the heat pump. This shows how much more cost efficient it will be to run, and we would expect to see a saving of 60-80% of your heating cost. It also has the capability to cool the water if we are faced with hot days like last season, so the water won’t overheat. 

Hydropool has a heat pump solution which is used in Scandinavia and North America and connects directly to your topside controller so you can control the swim spa and heat solution from one controller. Unlike other models/competition on the market, they must hardwire in by replacing the electric heater and voiding warranty for non-standard parts fitted. We don’t remove the electric heater, the unit is smart controlled and can utilise both heating options, one or the other as you desire, all controlled via the topside and different settings.

For more information or to book a survey contact support@londonessexoutdoorliving.co.uk

3. Try a Lower Temperature or Energy Efficiency Mode

We wouldn’t recommend turning your swim spa down between usage as it will be less efficient however we advise turning your temperature down slightly will reduce cost. Consider energy efficient mode or other pre-set modes of your product. See owners manual for more information or contact us.

4. Cabinet Vents Closed During Cold Season.

ECOHEAT EXCHANGE TECHNOLOGY Ventilation is completely adjustable. Each pump generates approximately 1.5 kw of waste heat, which is reflected back into the swim spa cavity by the Double Thermal Shield blanket. HydroWise Thermal vents are designed to maximise energy efficiency in any season and climate.

5. Keep Filters Clean.

A clean filter is one of the key parts to maintaining a clean and safe water in your swim spa, however the energy saving benefits are often understated. A dirty filter will reduce the flow in your swim spa this means that the efficiency of heating the swim spa is reduced. The swim spa is heated by water entering though the filters and by passing though the heater and back out into the swim spa. We recommend cleaning your filter weekly based on your usage.

Hydropool spas filters 100% of the water in only 15 – 30 minutes depending on the size of the spa. This means that it takes less time to operate than other spas. Low amp Evergreen Pumps are engineered to produce high flow rates while consuming little energy, making them 26% more efficient than other spas on the market.

6. Chemicals Balance

By maintaining the chemicals balanced and the right PH level so your water lasts as long as possible without having to drain the spa. Reduced drainage requirements but gradual top up will contribute to the right energy efficiency of your product. Visit our online shop if you are looking for the right chemicals.

7. Consider a Less Exposed Location

By locating your spa nearer to a shelter area will improve your overall experience as this area tends to be shelter from winds. The more expose a swim spa is to the elements the more it will cost to run. A shelter area will break down the wind and help with heat retention.

8. Use Pergola or Enclosures

The use of pergolas over the swim spa or an enclosure not only will reduce the running cost of your spa, but will also create an shelter area allowing you to use your spa all year round. See our full range of enclosure options or contact the office 020 3150 1503.