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Can you go in a hot tub with high blood pressure?


They say that time goes quickly when you’re having fun, so it makes sense that time can fly once you’ve immersed yourself in the warm depths of your outdoor hot tub or swim spa. Although you may be settling into a good book, or just sitting back and watching the world go by when you’re in the hot tub, you may not want to ignore the time completely.

If you want to make the most of your time in the hot tub; finding the perfect balance between enjoying all the hydrotherapy benefits and giving yourself enough time to unwind after a stressful day, you may want to think about how long you should spend in the hot tub. This amount of time will be different for every person but, to decide for yourself, keep on reading.

If you are interested in purchasing a hot tub but you have high blood pressure, you may be wondering whether you can use one at all. There are many health benefits to using a hot tub, but also there is a well-known perception that it is dangerous to use them if you have high blood pressure. There are some things you need to know to make you feel safe in using a hot tub, even if your blood pressure is high.


What is high blood pressure?

 Hypertension (or high blood pressure) is what happens when the blood vessels in the body have a higher pressure level. There are two numbers used to record blood pressure – the systolic pressure is the higher number, indicating the force your heart pumps blood – and the diastolic pressure is the lower number, indicating the resistance to the blood flow in the vessels between heartbeats. High blood pressure is generally considered to be anything above 140/90mmHg, though every person will have a different natural blood pressure reading, and it changes with age and with different types of illness.



The risks of high blood pressure over time include;

  • Heart disease
  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks
  • Heart failure
  • Vascular dementia
  • Kidney disease

 Even if you can reduce your blood pressure a little bit it will help with the potential long-term effects.


Hot tubs and high blood pressure

The health benefits of the hot tub are such that even if you have high blood pressure you can soak in the hot water for short period of time unless you have extremely high blood pressure. In this case, we would not advise that you use a hot tub at all. Short periods of ten minutes of hot water therapy can be beneficial to your health, as using a hot tub does help to lower blood pressure through the hot water causing blood vessels to dilate. As long as you are careful and take extra precautions with your use, you can enjoy a hot tub on a regular basis.


Speak to your GP

The most important thing you need to do if you have high blood pressure and want to use a hot tub is to first speak with a medical professional. This is especially the case if you have been advised not to even undertake moderate exercise by a doctor in the past. In fact, people with either extremely high blood pressure or low blood pressure should not use a hot tub, as you should not put too much stress on your body either way.


Tips for using a hot tub with high blood pressure

If, after speaking with your GP, you can safely use a hot tub for short soaks of hot water therapy, there are some other things that you can do to help keep you safe.


Only use the hot tub for short periods


If you have high blood pressure it is safe to use a hot tub, but only for short periods. Use the hot tub for no longer than 10-15 minutes at a time, but within this time always be careful and understand how you are feeling throughout. If you begin to feel lightheaded you should get out of the hot tub immediately as a precaution.


Take control of the temperature


Another tip for using the hot tub when you have high blood pressure is to take control of the temperature. With some conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, you should avoid temperatures above 37°C. By lowering the temperature slightly, you can take extra care that your body can cope, whilst still enjoying the benefits of the hot water therapy.


Always enjoy with someone else


Whether you want to get into the hot tub with your partner, a friend, or family member, it is a precaution worth taking if you have high blood pressure. If you do start to feel lightheaded you have someone with you to help you get out and to lower the risk of you fainting. This takes the pressure off your mind and helps you to relax that little bit more, which is a positive for your blood pressure too.



Don’t mix alcohol and hot tubs


For many people, using a hot tub as a social experience, with friends and alcohol, is what it is all about. For those with high blood pressure though, it is advisable to not drink alcohol before or during your time in the hot tub. Alcohol consumption might make you lose track of time and could increase the chance of you fainting when combined with the high temperatures.


Be careful moving between hot and cold environments


Another good bit of advice for using a hot tub when you have high blood pressure is to avoid moving out of the hot temperature and into a cold environment in a short space of time. We realise this is difficult, especially if you are using a hot tub in your back garden during the wintertime, but this could be a problem because your blood pressure will quickly move in different directions, which is bad for your body.


As long as you are sensible and first consult your GP before using a hot tub, a hot tub brings with it a range of benefits, even for those with high blood pressure. You can control the temperature and also make sure to not overdo it but spending too long in the hot tub at each visit. Our hot tub jets are designed with the idea of tailored therapy for each individual, giving full body or targeted massages. They are cost-effective to run, with pumps producing high flow rates and more energy efficient than standard hot tubs, whilst the insulation to keep heat in is to a high standard. The relaxation a hot tub gives both the body and mind is sensational, and with consultation and a careful approach you can enjoy one of our hot tubs if you have high blood pressure.


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