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A premium brand of outdoor fridges with heritage to match.

Blastcool is the premium brand in outdoor fridges with installations seen in ocean going super-yachts, villas on the Palm, chic London rooftop gardens and poolside bars throughout Europe’s top real estate locations.

For the last 30 years Blastcool engineers have designed commercial appliances that can be found in the best restaurants and five star hotels in famous cities across the world. The Extremis series of outdoor fridges embodies this development heritage and enables the user to bring 5 star hospitality standards to their home, no matter what the climate.

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Made in Australia, Beefeater barbeques will complement any outdoor setting and cook up the perfect meal every time. With their functional, stylish design, excellent durability and a wide range of features Beefeater barbeques create easy outdoor entertaining so whether you are searing a steak or cooking up the perfect roast, entertaining will be a breeze.


Hydropool Hot Tubs started in 1970 as a commercial pool company and in 1978 became one of the first hot tub retailers in North America. Initially, Hydropool purchased hot tub shells from a local manufacturer, plumbed and assembled them in house. By 1980, Hydropool began manufacturing their own hot tubs in Toronto, Canada which are hand crafted by experienced designers and the rest is history.


Creating healthy spaces

RENSON® bases its sill on a century of dedication. Dedication means a continuous concern for people with changing needs but with one common goal: to live in a healthy and comfortable environment indoors and out. The requirements of designers, architects and residents are the enduring concerns of the RENSON® company.

Started in 1909, the company has continued to grow and innovate with 4 generations at the helm.

Living Comfort: RENSON® strives constantly to find better solutions for thermal, acoustic, ventilation and visual comfort. RENSON provides a professional response to the living needs of today, which endeavoring to take account of those of tomorrow. Offering automated solutions for more comfort, safety and energy savings in your home.

Alpha Pizza

Turning a traditional tool like an oven into a designer object acclaimed all over the world as a standard-bearer for “Made in Italy” and high-quality has always been our mission. That’s why Alfa ovens are conceived and designed as professional ovens that guarantee excellent results in baking pizza, bread and then some combined with unparalleled ease of use and maintenance


Outdoor Kitchens & BBQs by Fire Magic

Premium built-in BBQs, outdoor kitchens and BBQ accessories. Fire Magic barbecues are the premium outdoor kitchen brand in the UK and Europe. Offered with a life-time warranty, Fire Magic products are the very epitome of luxury outdoor living. These market leading, American made BBQs, are available throughout the UK and Europe from London Essex Group. Featuring the latest contemporary design, all of our barbecues are made from premium stainless steel and can operate as bottled, natural gas BBQs or charcoal BBQs.


Tylö are one of the world’s strongest wellness providers.

People all over the world have always enjoyed heat in different ways, using everything from saunas and steam rooms to banyas and hammams to feel better, look better and to spend time relaxing with loved ones. The modern sauna of today merges a lot of these traditions, bringing all the benefits of heat and steam into your home – so you can enjoy them daily.