Dundalk Cedar Saunas: Timeless Craftsmanship, Modern Luxury.

Dundalk Leisurecraft, a reputable Canadian manufacturer specializing in quality leisure, home, and garden products, proudly presents its handcrafted Cedar Barrel Saunas line in Dundalk, Ontario, Canada. Each product in this collection is meticulously crafted from Western Red Cedar, renowned for its exceptional durability, resistance to decay, and excellent insulating properties. The distinct aroma of Red Cedar, coupled with its antibacterial qualities and natural oils, creates a soothing experience. Our saunas, available in Cedar kits, not only provide an economic heating solution but also showcase the ideal characteristics for outdoor products.

Panoramic Cedar Barrel Saunas

Experience the beauty of our sauna, featuring an acrylic bubble back wall that offers a clear view of the stunning landscape from inside.

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Cedar Barrel Saunas

Immerse yourself in relaxation with our compact Barrel Sauna design. Encounter a harmonious blend of tradition and luxury.

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Outdoor Luna Saunas

Discover the perfect blend of modernity and uniqueness in our outdoor cedar sauna designed for your garden.

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Cedar Pod Saunas

Enhance your garden with the POD Sauna. Handcrafted in Canada using western red cedar, this sauna promises years of enjoyable relaxation.

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