Full Garden Project Renovation

Take a look at a client’s full garden project – from start to finish!

We redesigned their entire garden, adding our own finishing touches to make the end result incredible.


Below are some pictures of our client’s garden before they approached us for our help.

Just a standard garden which needed some care and attention to turn it into a beautiful outdoor area.


Now, here are pictures that were taken while we carried out the work on the garden.

You can see the outdoor kitchen being formed on the row below. We changed the entire flooring of the garden and added support as you can see in the first picture.

These pictures give us a better view of the entire garden during the process. We planned out tiles to be laid, surrounded by new grass turf.


This is how the client’s whole garden looked at the end of the project!

They have their own seating area, with black sleeper walls for decoration. The flower beds go well with the colour theme as we’ve painted all the wood works to black.

The centrepiece of the garden is a spherical water feature, excellent at drawing attention.

Additionally, we added some Vondom furniture (sofas + loungers) and a few head planters for decor.

Here are some close up shots of the outdoor kitchen and Hydropool hot tub that we built & installed.

The client had 2 double fridges installed, providing with enough space to store as many drinks as you’ll need! Plus an outdoor TV to keep guests and family entertained, or to be used to play music for a party.