Garden Project – Hot Tub & Tiling

Our clients come from different areas and backgrounds; our products and services can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals and their circumstances. We had a family approach us from Hertfordshire. They live in a bungalow in a quiet but built up area. They wanted a solution to their problem; their garden was ruined by their new dog. We were able to provide them with advice, ideas and an affordable solution. Here is their story…

The Testimonial

After re-homing a long term resident of The Dogs Trust Rescue Centre, we needed to look at transforming our garden into a usable, relaxing space. Our new addition to the family had made our lovely lawn into a mud pit! We visited the London Essex Showroom to view their ceramic tiles. Mark and his team were very helpful in offering options we could do in our garden. After we had explained our needs, Mark showed us a portfolio of the extensive range of projects the company had completed. We agreed on the Italian ceramic garden tiles.

Whilst in the showroom we were shown the different hot tubs, swim spas and outdoor kitchen appliances. We admired the products but thought they would not fit our budget as we were primarily only looking to get rid of the mud from our garden. We were impressed by the hydro therapy programmes available on the hot tubs; both my husband and I were visiting an osteopath on a regular basis. As luck would have it, there was a sale on. We discussed the payment options and decided to purchase the Serenity 670 Hydrotherapy Hot tub. Mark then talked us through other ways to improve our garden. We added two stylish, colour changing Vondom planter heads for our project.

Mark and Darren visited our garden to make accurate measurements for the tiling and to offer suggestions for our project.


The team went round to concrete the client’s garden in preparation for the tilers to come.

Prior to the tiles being delivered, we painted all fences and walls black. All the workforce, who worked on our project, were efficient and polite. After the tiling was completed, sleeper walls installed to make a flower bed. We added white pebbles for drainage and decoration. Also, we added solar strip lights to lay along the flower beds and around our olive trees. Plus some festoon solar lights along the fence.

Initially, the client had only decided on having the grass area replaced with tiling. However, on completion of the tiling, the clients decided to also have their lower patio tiled. This was to match the rest of their garden, plus giving a more complete feel to their project.


With the garden looking transformed, the hot tub was installed and the planters were delivered. We now use the hot tub every night to relax, whilst watching the tranquil colour changing Vondom heads. We now have an elegant, usable garden in which we can relax. Our rescue dog enjoys chilling on the tiles next to the hot tub. She also enjoys running around on the tiles and no longer brings mud in the house.

We never dreamt we would have a garden like those seen in magazines, let alone own a hot tub. But now we have both thanks to the team at London Essex Hot Tubs. Due to the nature of our rescue dog we will not be going abroad for a while but nor do we need to; we have all we need in our own back garden. Dreams can come true!

Diane Eddington