Extendable-arm awnings provide ample sun protection with minimal obstruction, neatly enclosed within an elegant box when retracted. Controlled via remote or smartphone, these awnings offer adjustable movement, extension, and tilt, alongside integrated LED lighting. This advanced solution, featuring the patented FlexControl system, ensures durability even against strong winds.

The Ellisse, Musa, Smart, T-Way, T-Code, and T-Hide models from the T-Project line maximise the outstanding aesthetic impact of the box, serving as a genuine design element while concealing electrical components. Beyond its visual appeal, the box seamlessly blends functionality with advanced technology.

The T-Way, T-Hide, and T-Code models feature a unique arm tensioning system with motorized movement, activated by multi-channel remote controls. Additionally, the innovative Connexoon system allows you to control the arm awnings conveniently from your smartphone using a dedicated app. A single touch extends or retracts the front without compromising the fabric’s tautness. This same gesture lowers the valance, establishing a secluded area for privacy.


The T-Hide arm awning combines its structure and front into a single box housing technical components. It accommodates an arm awning spanning up to 700 cm in width and 400 cm in depth, offering an elegant solution accentuated by integrated LED lighting for added allure.


Designed for wall or ceiling installation, the T-Code comes with extendable arms controllable via smartphone. Integrated LED strips provide illumination underneath the awning, neatly housed in a sophisticated box when closed.


The T-Way extends up to 590 centimetres in width and 350 in depth, showcasing its versatility with options for installation on both ceilings and walls. Its adaptability extends into the evening with added LED lighting, further enhancing its functionality.

Pratic T-Hide Awning