Connect stands as the pioneering bioclimatic pergola, uniting the core of outdoor living with the joy of complete seclusion. This aluminium pergola crafted with mirrored glass windows enhancing the surrounding beauty, its external surface evolves in hues and forms. It’s a unique vista from your exclusive vantage point.

A distinctive and iconic design

Essential, magnetic, revolutionary: Connect aluminium pergola rewrites the rules of the new lifestyle. A mirrored polygon with precise lines that naturally extend those of the horizon. The purity of this pergola sublimates its design power and brings a patented design and certified materials to the outdoor.

It’s the specifics that set Connect apart, evident in its patented profile sections. With a mere thickness of 4.5 centimetres, they minimise architectural impact while accentuating the purity of shapes. In contrast, the extruded aluminium lintel stands as a distinct marker, enhancing the beauty of your garden.


In the haven of exclusive privacy, an interplay of internal and external realms converges seamlessly. Connect’s aluminium pergola mirrored walls ensure complete immersion in any setting, discreetly veiling the pergola’s interior spaces. This remarkable versatility sparks imagination, fostering new possibilities for constant protection while maintaining a harmonious connection with the surrounding life.

Bioclimatic comfort

The Connect cover harnesses special technology to naturally regulate lighting, heat, and ventilation. The aluminium sunshade blades offer adjustable angles from zero to 140 degrees or can retract compactly into a small space. In the closed position, they provide shelter from the sun, wind, and rain, incorporating an innovative system of perimeter gutters for effective water drainage.


Connect’s reflective walls ensure complete privacy while preserving the outward view, a unique advantage facilitated by fixed and sliding perimeter glass windows. These windows are available in mirrored or smoked versions, offering an exclusive and versatile feature.

Crafted from tempered glass, the closures ensure durability against air, wind, and water, certified by the Giordano Institute. Their unmatched aesthetics stem from a screw-free design, lacking visible profile sections. Additionally, the sliding rails of the glass doors are flush with the floor, enhancing the seamless appeal.

Unlimited connectivity

Connect simplifies your daily routines. The fusion of design and home automation is evident through Amazon Alexa and Google Home systems, elevating the pergola’s intelligence. Furthermore, home automation responds to weather changes via sensors that trigger blade closure during rain, snow, or strong winds.

Unique and tailored

Each freestanding Connect module can achieve an impressive size of 5×5 meters, and multiple modules can be combined side by side to create larger upper surfaces. The aluminium structure is customisable with colours from the Pratic palette, certified as Qualicoat Seaside Class 2. The configuration also includes lighting options and vertical drop-down awnings to complement the setup.