Discover Ultimate Relaxation with Our Outdoor Saunas

Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of our Outdoor Saunas, proudly crafted in Canada. These luxury additions redefine relaxation, seamlessly blending elegance with innovation. Not only do these saunas exude remarkable beauty, but they also bring practical advantages, ensuring an extraordinary and lasting investment. Discover the distinctive charm of our outdoor saunas, transforming your space into a haven of rejuvenation. More than just a sauna, it’s an enduring investment in joy for you and your family. Experience the Canadian touch in every moment of serenity with our outdoor saunas—where tradition, innovation, and luxury converge effortlessly.

Encounter superior craftsmanship with our saunas, manufactured using the finest quality materials and stunning aesthetic designs that seamlessly complement outdoor spaces. Introducing two distinct collections, Dundalk and Pure Cube, each crafted to elevate your relaxation and seamlessly blend with your surroundings.”

Dundalk Leisurecraft is a distributor of quality leisure, home and garden products.
The complete line of Red Cedar barrel saunas are all handcrafted in Canada.

The Pure Cube sauna collection is a modern design that features large tinted window panels on the front wall. Create a relaxing atmosphere with the optional semi-privacy wooden panels.

Discover the Essence of Red Cedar

Red Cedar Clear, sourced from the British Columbia Forest, emanates a delightful and calming aroma, often described as the signature sauna scent. Its moisture-resistant properties ensure the longevity of your sauna, promising years of enjoyment.

Red Cedar Knotty, also from the British Columbia Forest, features smaller wood or more benches in the top part, resulting in charming knots. This high-quality cedar guarantees a durable product with the added bonus of the distinctive sauna aroma.

Explore the Elegance of White Cedar

White Cedar, a relative of the Hemlock pine thriving in Canada and the western United States, presents another exceptional choice for your sauna wood. Experience the natural beauty and quality associated with this unique wood type.