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AquaPlay 12FFP Swim Spa


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AquaPlay 12FFP Swim Spa.

The AquaPlay 12FFP Swim Spa is designed to maximise the swimming area while also allowing you to have the luxury of the Hydropool jets at either end.

Perfect choice for families who want to have fun together outside, while being able to exercise at their own pace.

Entrance from three sides allow customers lots of versatility when installing this unit.

Individual cross-training mini-pool with the athlete in mind. No matter your level of ability, you will be able to enjoy swimming as you’re able to set your own pace.

Entrance from three sides allows customers lots of versatility when installing this unit.

The AquaPlay 12FFP Swim Spa comes with:

  • Safety steps
  • 4 Lit Water Fall Jets
  • 2 Round Swimjets

Find out for yourself why Hydropool is the number one brand in Swim Spas! Unlike many other brands, we are proud of our swim spas and welcome customers to try each of our three swim systems to decide what’s best for you. In our Loughton showroom we have changing facilities and disable access, families are also welcome.

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8+ People

Shell Dimensions:

150" x 93" x 49" / 381cm x 236cm x 124cm

Acrylic Colours

Silver Marble

Cabinet Colours


Cover Options

Insulated Hard Cover

Rollaway Cover Upgrade


AquaPlay 12FFP

Weight Full 12,277 lbs / 5570 Kg
Weight Empty 1984 lbs /900 Kg
Shell Length 150″ / 381 cm
Shell Width 93″ / 236 cm
Shell Height 49 Inches / 124 cm
Volume 1900 US gallons / 7220 L
Seating 8-10
Cross Section Click Here to Open


Swim Spa Rollaway Cover Upgrade
This upgraded cover makes it even easier to cover/uncover your swim spa.
DreamScents on Demand
This option will inject just the right amount of aromatherapy Essential Oils into your Hot Tub.
HydroFlex Air Therapy
HydroFlex Air Therapy – Full body Air Therapy
Aqua Fitness Kit
The addition of this fitness package turns any swim spa into a Aquatic Universal Gym.
Bellagio Falls Package
iCommand System World Edition
Four – Tier Universal Step
EZ Ultra Pure Ozone System

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