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Alfa 5 Minuti Base

New Alfa 5 Minuti Oven Base

It comes packed in a cardboard box so that it can be easily transported in your car.

The base is easy to assemble, all you need to do is: screw the 4 legs to the table top, attach the 4 casters, place the oven on top and fix the 4 feet to the base.

  • Holes to screw the feet of your Top oven to the base.
  • Handy packaging for an easy transport.
  • Shelf for wood holder.
  • Front panel.
  • Epoxy resin, anthracite handle.
  • 4 professional casters with brakes.
  • It weighs as little as 29 kg.
  • Colours: Copper, Silver Black and Grey Marble.

RRP – £595

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