Pratic Aluminium Pergolas & Awnings

Designed and manufactured in Italy our Pratic Aluminium pergolas and awnings are the perfect addition to your garden to keep it shielded from all-weather types, 365 days a year.

Discover the versatility of Pratic aluminium pergolas designed to elevate any architectural setting. With maximum flexibility, these pergolas come in self-supporting or wall-mounted versions, seamlessly adapting to diverse environments—be it harmoniously inclined or aligned with the horizon. Embrace the shade for expansive green spaces using Pratic garden pergolas, whether standalone or combined with other modules, offering optimal sun protection.

Each building is fully customisable with a variety of different features to implement. This can range from sliding glass panels, electric blinds, rain sensors and much more. Tailor your space limitlessly with our thirty-eight colour palette curated by fashion and design experts, ensuring each pergola element is individually painted in-house using an advanced system, guaranteeing quality and eco-sustainability.

Enjoy a bespoke touch with our customised solutions, serving Hertfordshire, London, Essex, Kent, St Albans, and more.


A cutting-edge aluminium construction seamlessly elevates outdoor areas akin to indoor spaces, erasing boundaries between exterior and interior. This sophisticated bioclimatic pergola, marked by its elegance and minimalism, enables year-round outdoor living. Its 140-degree rotating blades facilitate natural air circulation and brightness control, ensuring a comfortable experience in any season.


The Vision pergola merges sun protection with full enjoyment of outdoor spaces. Its sleek design minimizes aesthetic impact while maximizing functionality. This bioclimatic solution offers versatility, allowing installation against a wall or freestanding, and the addition of multiple modules to create expansive sheltered areas.


Connect stands as the pioneering bioclimatic pergola, uniting the core of outdoor living with the joy of complete seclusion. Crafted with mirrored glass windows enhancing the surrounding beauty, its external surface evolves in hues and forms. It’s a unique vista from your exclusive vantage point.


For a versatile open-air experience, Phoenix Air offers a self-supporting pergola featuring sleek arches and customisable canopy profiles. This minimalist, hi-tech model ensures a light, adaptable design for diverse outdoor settings, embracing the essence of the outdoors in various forms.


Extendable-arm awnings provide ample sun protection with minimal obstruction, neatly enclosed within an elegant box when retracted. Controlled via remote or smartphone, these awnings offer adjustable movement, extension, and tilt, alongside integrated LED lighting. This advanced solution, featuring the patented FlexControl system, ensures durability even against strong winds.


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