Pratic Aluminium Pergolas & Awnings

Designed and manufactured in Italy our Pratic Aluminium pergolas and awnings are the perfect addition to your garden to keep it shielded from all-weather types, 365 days a year.

Discover the versatility of Pratic aluminium pergolas designed to elevate any architectural setting. With maximum flexibility, these pergolas come in self-supporting or wall-mounted versions, seamlessly adapting to diverse environments—be it harmoniously inclined or aligned with the horizon. Embrace the shade for expansive green spaces using Pratic garden pergolas, whether standalone or combined with other modules, offering optimal sun protection.

Each building is fully customisable with a variety of different features to implement. This can range from sliding glass panels, electric blinds, rain sensors and much more. Tailor your space limitlessly with our thirty-eight colour palette curated by fashion and design experts, ensuring each pergola element is individually painted in-house using an advanced system, guaranteeing quality and eco-sustainability.

Enjoy a bespoke touch with our customised solutions, serving Hertfordshire, London, Essex, Kent, St Albans, and more.

Pratic Opera

Click here to view the Pratic Opera building, a great way to keep your outdoor area dry & undercover 365 days a year.

Pratic Vision

Click here to view the Pratic Vision building, a great way to keep your outdoor area dry & undercover 365 days a year.

Pratic Phoenix

Stylish aluminium pergola with an automatic retractable PCV cover

Pratic Awning

Click here to view the Pratic Awning, perfect for an outdoor area or a balcony to keep the rain away!


Pratic Opera Showcase


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