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What is a pergola?

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If you are considering shaking up your garden aesthetic one of the best ways you can do so is to look for professional pergola installation services. A pergola is a fantastic way to add something a little different to how your garden looks and feels. They can be used as freestanding structures but are also available in a form that can attach to existing buildings. As well as looking fantastic alone and providing great function, a pergola is also a great way to grow climbing plants.


What is a pergola?


A garden pergola makes a brilliant addition to any garden and can completely transform your garden aesthetic in a way that might not have seemed possible. The name pergola actually comes from the Latin word ‘pergula’, which just means ‘projected roof’, which is what you see today with some different types of garden pergola.


What most people choose a pergola for is that it offers that brilliant combination of a patio awning and a full veranda. With a pergola you have a functional shaded area that is a comfortable place to sit out of the sun during the warm summer months, and it also provides you with a support structure for climbing plants and other additions to decorate your garden. There are several different types of pergolas that you can choose from, with different features and additions that can further transform your garden space.


What are the different types of pergolas?


There are a few different types that you can choose from when searching for pergola installation specialists. These include:


Collapsible pergolas


A collapsible pergola is a great supplement for those looking for a temporary structure that can be folded away with ease at the end of the summer. These are great for those people who want to make a good change in how their garden looks and functions but maybe don’t have a big budget. Although the fact they are lightweight in nature is a positive in some ways, this is also a negative, as it does make it a bit more susceptible to suffering in the wind and rain.



Lean-to pergolas


These are sometimes known as attached pergolas and are structures that attach directly to an external wall of a house, with a few more supporting posts along the front of the structure. The wall fittings are designed to make sure the structure remains secure, but this will always depend on the size of the structure. This can open up a patio around the side of a building.


Free-standing pergolas


A standalone pergola, or a free-standing pergola consists of four posts that are fixed into the ground to provide stability. The benefit of a free-standing pergola is that it can be installed anywhere within reason, providing a cosy space in an otherwise open area, such as the middle of a garden. The downside is that you do need to ensure they are secure, as they are not attached to a wall to add security.


Bioclimatic pergolas


These can be adjusted to suit your needs, using aluminium louvres to adjust the structure. These can be bought to be either automatic or manual to adjust, allowing you to shift the position of the pergolas to help shift the shaded area and to help with wind ventilation. The benefit of these is that it allows you to have greater control over your temperature and comfort, which is especially helpful during heatwaves and hot summers.


Are there different materials used to make pergolas?


The stability and longevity of your pergola will depend on a few factors, such as the materials used to create it, the installation process, and the roof style. Pergolas are made with wood (a natural look that complements traditional gardens well), plastic (lasts longer but might look cheap in some settings), metal (offering greater stability and longevity). The roof styles of a pergola offer greater flexibility too, with some choosing enclosed roofs, open roofs, or fabric roofs, with each changing the style and feel of a pergola and garden.


How much will a pergola cost?


As there are quite a few different options of pergolas for you to choose from, and different suppliers that can help you with garden pergola installation, the cost will change accordingly. Depending on the size and shape you choose the material you want your pergola to be made from, and the supplier you choose to purchase from, you’ll find a range of pergola options to suit a wide range of budgets and needs. The best suppliers of garden pergolas understand how to offer expert advice that will not only give you a pergola alone, but the right type of pergola to open up your garden and fit the overall style you are trying to achieve.