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Why Pergolas are so popular and why your home needs one too

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Every person that has a back garden or yard wants it to be used for relaxing and entertaining in an ideal world. There are many different ways that you can achieve this, through the way you plan, design, and decorate the garden space. One of the most popular ways of changing the back garden, deck, or patio is to look at a pergola installation to transform the space and make it a dream backyard. A garden pergola is a truly simple yet exquisite piece of garden architecture with roof beams and vertical beams but no solid roof or walls. It is the most delightful place to sit with a book in hand, a drink in the other, and to enjoy the summer days and evenings.


Create a clearly defined area

A garden pergola is a great way to add some definition to your garden. It is a clear area where you can entertain, create a dining space for outdoor eating, make it a relaxing area where you can sit to read a book or with your partner for a few drinks on a balmy summer evening. A good garden has clearly defined spaces to remain clean and tidy, and a pergola creates that space.


Add some more greenery

Whether you already have loads of plants and flowers or not, a garden pergola is the perfect place to think about adding more greenery to your garden. It is a good structure to add honeysuckle, clematis, climbing roses, and many other types of climbing plants that wrap around the pergola and intertwine as they grow. This approach adds a wonderful, colourful and calming dimension to your garden.


Extra privacy

The structure is open on the sides, but you can add drapes or latticework along one side of the pergola if you wish to add an extra layer of privacy. In a garden that might be overlooked partially, and for those that don’t want to be on display when relaxing in their back garden, adding extra privacy makes the pergola a flexible and versatile outdoor garden structure.


Shade and protection

With these added layers of privacy, the collection of growing plants, and the main structure design itself, a garden pergola provides that extra protective layer from the sun and the elements. If you want some shade during a hot day, the natural canopy of climbing flowers and the structure itself provide respite.



Entertaining guests

Creating this clearly defined area of your garden with a pergola, helps to create an area that can be used to entertain guests. When the summer nights are long and the weather is fine, inviting friends and family around is always a good idea. An outdoor party with a pergola provides that spot to entertain your guests, whether it’s the ‘sit and drink spot’, or the ‘dining spot’.


Versatile design and simple installation

The garden pergola comes with a range of different materials and colour schemes to add to your garden aesthetic. You can choose from a range of designs to suit the garden aesthetic that you are searching for. Once you have decided that, and especially when working with a reputable supplier of garden pergolas, the installation process is simple. This allows for quick and safe installation in the back garden, and easy removal and movement should you wish to move it to another location at a later date.


They add value to your home

With all the above points, a garden pergola genuinely adds real value to the price of your property. For any aspiring homeowner and potential buyer when you’re selling your home, there will be a desire to make the garden an attractive place where you can visual entertaining and relaxing. A pergola is a defined space that provides that positive vision and potential.


Use a specialist pergola installation team to maximise your garden by adding that little bit of extra luxury to the aesthetic of your garden. A pergola can dramatically shift the perception of your outdoor space, helping you define a clear area that can become a central part of the overall décor of your back garden. You have added privacy, a fantastic entertaining space, gives extra protection from the shade during hot days, and could also be an extra space where you look to add some greenery. All in all, a garden pergola is a popular outdoor addition to many homes with good reason, and you could soon have your own personal pergola installed to make a massive difference to how you relax and entertain in your outdoor space.