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Installation Options for Your Hot Tub

What are the Installation Options for Your Hot Tub?

Choosing the Right Location

If you’re looking for the perfect location for your hot tub, you have many choices. Whether you prefer to use your hot tub indoors or outdoors, in summer or in winter, there are a variety of installation options that can fit your lifestyle. From on-ground to in-ground and half and half, keep reading to find out about how to select the best place and installation style for maximum enjoyment.

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Edge of Deck Installations

Edge of deck installations are among the most popular hot tub installation methods in the world. Most people plan to add a deck to their garden at some point, and a hot tub often gives them a great reason to do it. When you’re looking for the beauty of a raised deck installation with the service access of a stand-alone installation, an edge of deck hot tub is an excellent choice. An added benefit is that this installation style also provides exceptional access for lifter installations.

Inground Installations

If you’re considering an inground installation for your hot tub, it’s important to remember that although this installation type can have huge payoffs in terms of aesthetics and functionality, it is one of the most difficult installation options. First, look at pictures of inground installations and determine whether the time and effort will be worth it. Make sure you plan in advance by ensuring that the hot tub will be serviceable on all sides. Also consider the possibility of ground water seepage. Because your hot tub will be the lowest point in your garden, it’s crucial that the pit can withstand the water flow. Finally, make sure the pit is secure to protect it from any unwanted rodents or pests that may want to build a home. However inground installations are very popular for installations within the home. Once you’ve considered these questions, give us a call on 020 3150 1503 for a free survey and help with the installation process.

Half and Half Installations

Similar to inground and raised deck installations, half and half installations require careful consideration and precautionary measures. Because these types of installations are difficult, they require expert guidance. The good news is that despite their difficulty, half and half installations are among the easiest to use and maintain. Because of their raised lip, it’s easy to sit on the side and swing your legs in or simply step over the side from one level surface to another. When ease of access is important to you and your guests, half and half installations are a fantastic choice.

Stand Alone Installations

Stand alone installations are by far the most common hot tub installation types. They are among the easiest installation styles as they require no digging, contractors, or special equipment. They also allow for easy service and installation for any cover lifter or one of our electric covers. The hot tub is simply placed in the proper location and it’s ready to be filled. When properly placed, stand alone installations can dramatically improve the look of your garden.

Raised Deck Installations

Raised deck installations are some of the most beautiful in the world. Before you get started, it’s crucial to ensure that there is access on all four sides of the hot tub in case you need service. Something to keep in mind about raised deck installations is that due to space restrictions, it can be difficult to place the hardcover and install a lifter in a fully recessed deck. Always discuss your plans with your retailer before moving forward.

Garden Structure, Gazebo or Indoor Installations

In some cases, hot tub installations within buildings are a good choice. If you or your family are not fond of cold weather, this type of installation is the answer The size of space needed and the position of the hot tub within the space is critical to the longevity of the space. Materials that finish the space are important as is the possible specification of the right dehumidifier, heating and ventilation systems. Access when servicing should also be considered. Let us help you design your building or position of the hot tub to ensure these requirements are met.