Mobile outdoor kitchens can be adapted at any time. So wok today, grill tomorrow? No problem. The indu+ hobs can be exchanged easily and in no time, both in the kitchen and in the indu+ trolleys. Create extra working space with the chopping boards : either sideways, or instead of one of the hobs. Thanks to the elegant knife holder you always have your knives safely at hand.


INDU+ Mobile Outdoor Kitchens

Mobile Trolley - CookBoy

The stylish design with matte black or white frame and teak finishing looks powerful and elegant at the same time, while also offering an exceptional number of practical possibilities.

Mobile Trolley - GazzBoy

You can literally grill anywhere, without requiring a source of electricity. You roll the trolley into the garden, to the terrace or beside the swimming pool...

Mobile Trolley - IceBoy

Your mobile bar and side table in one. ‘ICEBOY’ is our new trolley combining a mobile bar and a handy piece of occasional furniture.

INDU+ Multiflex

The INDU+ Multiflex has 2 rectangle cooking zones, which can offer you complete freedom with how you want to cook!


The INDU+ Wok can bring Eastern cuisine to your home!

INDU+ Teppanyaki

The INDU+ Teppanyaki is available in 2 different sizes; Teppanyaki 38 & Teppanyaki 58.

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INDU+ Cooking on Teppanyaki

INDU+ Easy Set Up

From Eggs to Pancakes...

Wagyu & Vegetables on Teppanyaki