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Relaxation Is Key During These Unprecedented Times…

2020 Has Given Us a Whirlpool of Emotions

We know how hard it has been for so many families during 2020 with new rules in place such as physical social distancing and recreational activities being closed for a large part of the year. This has had a number of negative impacts on our lives, with a large one being the immense increase in stress levels. Getting back to normality will be a huge help in mental health. Including a dip in your own hot tub/swim spa for your daily routine can help alleviate the stress levels that you feel. Our Wellness Guide can be incredibly useful when using your spa.

Why is Stress so Detrimental to Our Health?

Now, more than ever, we need to take care of our mind and body as it is so important to reduce stress levels:

  • If you are stressed your body consumes nutrients and energy which can be used to protect your body from illness/disease.
  • By reducing stress you can improve your sleep and have relief from insomnia.
  • Anxiety and depression levels decrease as stress levels go down – peace of mind plays a big part in health and wellbeing.
  • Your relationships with those around you will improve as stress reduces, improving your overall mood/happiness.

Am I Stressed?

There are many signs of stress to recognise, some more obvious than others; by recognising the signs you can effectively work to reduce and cope with the stress you feel. Here are a few signs & symptoms to look out for:

  • Having a hard time to relax;
  • Fatigue and headaches;
  • Tension and anxiety, lower enjoyment levels;
  • Increased consumption in demerit goods e.g. Nicotine or Alcohol;
  • Frequent mood changes/swings.

Stress will rarely go away on it’s own, making it important to recognise the symptoms and start taking steps to manage stress after it has been identidied.

How Can I Manage Stress?

Stress can be reduced in a variety of ways – which is good news! I will go over some of the main ways that are effective at helping you reduce your stress levels.

Eating a Healthy Diet

  • A healthy diet ensuring you get all the nutrients you need from fruit and vegetables will help boost your immune system and ensure you are a healthy weight.


  • One of the most important ways is by reaching a state of relaxation.
  • You can unwind your body by taking a 25 min soak in one of our Hydropool Hot Tubs, before you go to bed, with our dream scent aromatherapy.
  • You can utilise 3 massage zones on the stress treatment program which is programmed into the Self Clean Hydropool Hot Tubs.
    • 1. Initial Relaxing Phase
    • 2. Abdominal Massage Phase
    • 3. Upper Back and Shoulder Massage

Consistent Exercise

  • Exercising will decrease your stress levels and help to increase vitamins and minerals absorbed by the body. Even small exercise helps such as a morning walk or walking to the shops instead of driving etc. Keeping yourself busy will help reduce your stress levels.
  • Take advantage of one of our swim spas to keep you fit and healthy, there’s a wide range of exercise you can do in a swim spa from swimming to cross fit and resistance activities.

Video Exercise Program

See the video below for a short clip on the exercise programs we can provide you with:

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