6 Reasons To Choose Hydropool At London Essex Group
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6 Reasons to Choose Hydropool

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1. Hydropool’s Exclusive Self Cleaning Technology

The floor vacuum cleans across the floor so there’s no need to vacuum the Hot Tub
or SwimSpa. The high flow skimmer and pre-filter cleans across the surface to remove floating
debris. Pressurized mico-filtration means 100% of the water is cleaned every 15-40 minutes (depending on the spa size).

2. Exclusive HydroWise Thermal Shield Technology

Your Hydropool filters 100% of the water every 15 minutes. That means the Hot Tub
or SwimSpa does not have to be operating as long to filter the same amount of water
as other hot tubs. Inspired by NASA, the Triple Thermal shield technology is incorporated in the pipes,
cabinet and flooring to isolate your spa and re utilize heat generated by the pumps.

3. Hydropool’s Comfort Features

Ergonomically Designed Seating,  Never Float Loungers, Recessed Jetting, Multi Level Seating, Large Foot Wells and Convenient Ice Bucket

4. State of the Art Design

Enjoy: Safety steps inside the Hot Tub or SwimSpa,  State of the art patents, such as Self-Cleaning System™, IA Pump Base®,
Dream Scents® and the HydroWise System™ and 10 year worry free structural guarantee!

5. The Science Behind Your Hydropool Massage

Personalised usage of your hot tub and hydrotherapy can help you benefit from a genuine sense of well-being. Our Wellness Guide covers all programs and treatments that you can access with our medically designed hot tubs.

6. The World’s Only Carbon Neutral Hot Tubs & SwimSpas

The Hydropool Evergeen Commitment enhances your life in more ways than every. It allows our customers
to rest comfortably knowing they are enjoying a premium Hot Tub or SwimSpa experience that will
enhance the environment as well as their lives for years to come