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What Is The Best Temperature For a Hot Tub?


What is the best temperature for a hot tub in the UK?

We have found that the most common best temperature for a hot tub in the UK is around 37°C which is around 99°F. According to The British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) the industry agreed maximum temperature for a hot tub is 40°C / 104°F. Anything above this temperature has been deemed a potential health risk.


Choose The Best Hot Tub Temperature For You

We have come to the realisation over the years that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to hot tub temperature. What good is a hot tub that is too hot and not enjoyable? The best thing to do is experiment with your hot tub temperature (We recommend never going above 40°C for health and safety). You will soon find the best hot tub temperature for you personally. Changing the temperature of your hot tub according to the UK weather is also very common with many UK households having their hot tub temperature as low as 26°C in the height of the summer months.

In this article, we have continued to share our best hot tub temperatures based on the feedback we have had from our customers. We commonly see a different temperature preference for men, women and children.


Hot & Cold

During the summer you are most likely going to want to use the hot tub at a lower temperature or possibly even as a way to cool down.

Whereas, in the winter you will definitely be upping the heat to ensure you stay warm in our cold weather conditions!



Men & Women

Generally, women tend to prefer a slightly hotter temperature as they seem to feel the cold more than men do. This could be due to the fact that men genetically have a larger muscle mass than

most women. They generate more heat to warm their bodies up.

This may not be the case for every situation – but from our experience it is one of the most common!

Taking this into account, 37°C is a nice starting temperature for both men and women to try, however, women may prefer to have it a little more heated at 38-39°C.




For children, we strongly advise you to keep the hot tub a few degrees lower than you would enjoy as an adult at around 35°C.


Children are not able to tolerate the same amount of heat levels that adults can be exposed to due to their thinner skin and smaller sized bodies.

The CDC, (Centres for Disease Control & Prevention), advises that all children under the age of 5 are to stay out of hot tubs.



Temperature Limits

It is important to ensure that you stay under the recommended Maximum Temperature for Hot Tubs, which is 40°C/104°F.

hot tub installation

By exceeding the 40°C/104°F recommended temperature limit, you are putting your body at risk – let’s all stay safe so we can carry on enjoying our tubs!





Control Your Hot Tub Temperature With Alexa

If you own an Amazon Echo Device, you are able to control your hot tub temperature using your own voice!

It can also be used to control the behaviour of your hot tub, such as turning the water jets on and off.