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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Create The Perfect Al Fresco Space

What Makes Outdoor Kitchens So Great?

Outdoor kitchens can be made to give you the same, if not more, functionality that an indoor kitchen can provide you with. Cooking al fresco allows you to entertain for your friends and family while being in the fresh air outside. They will transform your summer gatherings while bringing you closer to the people you care about most.

Al fresco cooking & outdoor kitchens have seen huge trend increases over the past few years for a variety of reasons such as people wanting to spend much more time in their own gardens as opposed to going out.

An outdoor kitchen will most certainly increase the value of your home as it is a luxurious living space to take advantage of. You will be much less inclined to go out for a meal and eat out when you can use state of the art cooking appliances to cook beautiful meals for a fraction of the price. Not to mention you are able to invite your friends and family round to help out and entertain!

One of our client's outdoor kitchen areas.
One of our client’s outdoor kitchen areas.

What Outdoor Kitchen Maintenance Is There?

With our bespoke outdoor kitchens, we use the best premium materials to keep your required maintenance down to a minimum – our kitchens are able to stay outside 365 days a year!

There is next to no maintenance for you to carry out, besides giving your work surfaces a clean down in-between using them to keep it sanitary.

We also provide outdoor aluminium buildings/pergolas with our outdoor kitchen projects to allow you to enjoy using your outdoor space all year round – which come with no required maintenance besides a light clean.

Client's outdoor cooking area covered by building.
Client’s outdoor cooking area covered by building.

How Do I Position My Outdoor Kitchen?

When it comes to positioning, we have a very experienced in-house design team. Our team creates CAD drawings after a site survey to ensure that your kitchen is perfectly placed. We know how important it is to make full use of your garden are – typically the “largest room in your home”.

It goes without saying that your outdoor kitchen is best positioned on a completely flat surface. Positioning relatively close to the house can be a benefit to allow for less time with food transportation.

You are able to take your indoor dining to an outdoor environment by having the outdoor kitchen placed close to an outdoor dining area.

Client’s outdoor kitchen incorporated with dining area.

Can I Cover My Outdoor Kitchen?

Yes, of course you can. We recommend the best solution for this to be an aluminium pergola which is a permanent structure. This will allow you to make use of your outdoor area all year round. Don’t let bad weather stop you from enjoying an outside cooking and dining experience.

Not only can you cook in your outdoor kitchen regardless of the weather, but you can also use an integrated seating & dining area.

Outdoor kitchen design includes Fire magic grills and alfa pizza ovens.
Outdoor kitchen with aluminium pergola to cover.

Should I Dedicate An Area For Food Preparation?

We recommend that you do have a specific area which will be used for the preparation of your food. This will save the hassle of going back and forth from outdoor/indoor kitchens.

What Material Should My Countertop Be?

For our outdoor kitchens, we give you the choice of a solid granite countertop or a Lapitec alternative. Both are complete with a luxurious, elegant finish. This is completely weatherproof and will be in excellent condition over the years of use it gets.

Outdoor Kitchen with Lapitec Worktop
Showcase of Lapitec counter within our outdoor kitchen.

What Storage Options Are There?

Regarding storage, you can be as flexible as you would like with your outdoor kitchen. It’s important that your equipment can be safely stored away from the elements for extended periods of time.

We create bespoke storage solutions which are embedded within the kitchen with our cabinetry style design. From large cupboards to drawers, we can make storage to fit everything you need it to.

Straight line blockwork kitchen with double door storage.

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